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Gray divorce (also known as grey divorce) has emerged as a niche phenomenon in matrimonial law as more people over the age of 50 are seeking to dissolve their unions after years of marriage. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University, the divorce rate among people aged 50 and over has doubled over the last 20 years.

At Poppe & Associates, clients will find empathy as well as empowering guidance suitable for the unique challenges this demographic is facing during the life transition of divorce. Managing partner Kamelia “Mia” Poppe, Esq., who is a baby boomer, understands the subtle and substantial differences facing more mature divorcees. Mia and her experienced team can lead clients through all aspects of their gray divorce, helping them prepare for a financially stable, post-divorce future.

Financial Issues In Gray Divorces

Three of the most challenging aspects of many gray divorces are:

  • Dividing a retirement nest egg meant to support one household and using that retirement nest egg to support two households
  • A diminished pre-retirement timeline (since spouses in a gray divorce generally don’t have an extra 30 years to rebuild a retirement nest egg)
  • Limited capacity for one or both spouses to generate income because one spouse has typically spent substantial time out of the workforce and does not possess the technological skills required in today’s workforce

Regarding the third challenge above, obtaining education and job skills to reenter the workforce is more difficult after 50. It is common for Mia and her team to work with talented professionals to assess and later present the unique financial impacts of a gray divorce in negotiations, mediation or a trial.

Does Age Matter In A Gray Divorce?

While divorce can and does occur for spouses regardless of age, the end of a multi-decade marriage may have more complexities. A longer union usually results in more assets acquired over time that would be subject to division, including retirement accounts. The divorcees may already be retired. A divorce can affect inheritances for children and grandchildren.

Whether it’s an empty nest, the death of spontaneity or just wanting a happier life, statistics reveal that gray divorce filings have doubled for people in their 50s and tripled for married couples in their 60s. According to the American Psychological Association, one in 10 older couples are pursuing marital dissolution.

Is Gray Divorce Worth It?

At Poppe & Associates, attorney Mia Poppe understands that divorce at any age is a highly personal process. True healing can come by taking personal inventories with self-analysis of the positives and negatives of divorce and the reasons for ending a marriage. For those who make the difficult decision after years of unhappiness, the answer to whether filing is worth it is often “yes.”

As they prepare to file for marital dissolution, both spouses should take the time to review their own gray divorce pros and cons before moving forward. Equally as important is conducting themselves respectfully while sidestepping significant conflicts. Keeping the peace can help themselves and their loved ones as they transition to life after a gray divorce.

Ending a longtime marriage is traumatic in the short-term for everyone impacted by it, particularly children. However, the long-term benefits post-dissolution can lead to the next chapter of healing and new beginnings. While life-changing, a marital dissolution can be the best and most worthwhile choice.

Confidence That You Need Through Trustworthy Counsel

Whether a spouse’s role during a marriage was as the primary wage earner or contributing to the household in other ways, Mia and the law firm’s team of professionals will work to ensure that gray divorce settlements will enable ex-spouses to retire and remain or become self-supporting during their retirement.

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