Offering Divorce Guides For Women, Especially

Getting divorced is one of life’s most impactful turning points for most people who have lived through it. Painful and traumatic, the results can affect your family life and financial stability for years to come. Knowing what to expect and how to improve the outcome for you and your children can alleviate some of the pressure and fear that you may feel.

At Poppe & Associates, keeping people informed and empowered is a fundamental value. Below are links to books or guides that founder and managing partner Kamelia “Mia” Poppe, Esq., has published to help empower women going through a divorce.

A Video Guide, A Women’s Guide, A Blog And Webpages On Specific Topics

To understand the basic components and processes of a divorce, see The Anatomy of a Divorce, a collection of video guides available through this website. For a discussion of topics especially of interest to women going through a divorce, see The Empowered Woman’s Guide. (Free or $9.99 on Kindle, depending on your membership status).

Revisit this page from time to time to see if more guides have been posted. Also, see the blog attached to this website, and review webpages on this site for information on specific elements of a New York divorce, such as high-asset property division and considerations in a high-profile divorce.

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