Video Series: The Anatomy of Divorce

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Divorce

Learn and Understand the Intricacies of the Divorce Process

This 6 part video series will help you understand the intricacies of the divorce process, end-to-end. We’ll cover various topics with the goal of making you informed about your divorce and prepared for the road ahead. The topics covered in this series include Fear, Divorce Psychosis, The Children, The Players, Financials, and Moving on to Your Happily Ever After.

[Introduction] The Anatomy of Divorce

[Part 1] Facing the Fear

Divorce can generate a fearfulness in us that we may have never felt before. But, you can overcome that fear! I share my tips for facing the fear that comes with divorce.

[Part 2] Divorce Psychosis

I discuss the temporary mental and emotional states that sometimes afflict parties when they’re going through a divorce.

[Part 3] The Children

Listen up parents. It’s not the divorce that causes emotional and psychological harm to your children. It’s the continued animosity between you and your spouse that your children must witness. Part 3 of Attorney Mia Poppe’s series on The Anatomy of Divorce she discusses the three ways you can do to reduce the psychological and emotional impact of divorce on your children.

[Part 4] The Players

Divorce is not a game, but just like chess, there are specific players that have specific rolls. Some are obvious and some not so much. In this video I’ll discuss the players in your divorce proceeding; including the one player that NO ONE ever considers, but that may be the most important.

[Part 5] Financials

Let’s dive into the financial aspects of your divorce. I’ll talk about the 4 critical components of your finances, 3 financial items to have an increased awareness of, 2 tips to improve your outcomes, and 1 thing I recommend taking action on ASAP.

[Part 6] Moving on to Your Happily Ever After

Attorney Mia Poppe shares three tips from her experience as a matrimonial attorney on how to get to your real “happily ever after” post-divorce.