When A Partner’s Or Spouse’s Abuse Is Invisible But Very Real

Attorney Mia Poppe has emerged as a leading commentator on invisible abuse, having released a docuseries on invisible abuse in June 2023 and having also written a book, Unbreaking Wonder Woman, coupled with many speaking engagements and video productions on the topic.

Virtually everyone is familiar with the concept of physical spousal abuse – what past generations of people called “wife beating,” among other terms. A battered spouse, according to the stereotypes, often ended up in emergency rooms and sometimes had injuries to hide from the world out of shame.

Yes, physical abuse by one’s spouse or partner is frightening and crushing to the soul. However, physical abuse is not the only type of domestic partner abuse that has that effect. Invisible abuse is also very real and prevalent in our world. Sometimes it comes to a head when the abused spouse reaches the end of their rope. Other times, a crisis such as an extramarital affair, a disastrous gambling binge or impossible in-law problems bring the topic of divorce to the forefront. But, just as often, the invisible abuse may fester for a very long time.

At The Law Firm of Poppe & Associates, PLLC, clients find empathy along with solutions. Kamelia “Mia” Poppe, Esq., has a talent and passion for guiding sufferers of invisible abuse through the legal processes — usually divorce — that may lead to a newfound leash on life.

Have You Experienced Any Of These Types Of Ongoing Invisible Abuse By Your Wife, Husband Or Domestic Partner?

You are not alone, and help is available if your spouse or partner habitually abuses you in any combination of these common ways:

  • Financial abuse: Has your spouse or partner squandered marital resources, cajoled you into giving up your inheritance, invested money belonging to both of you into a dead-end business startup or stopped paying household bills?
  • Narcissistic abuse: Has your spouse continually cut you down to size or taken the side of in-laws or other opponents in your lives against you, leaving you feeling confused, betrayed or emotionally misunderstood?
  • Emotional abuse: Does your spouse heap damaging emotions such as guilt, self-pity, insulting criticism or untreated serious depression into your household environment, leaving you feeling trapped and exhausted?
  • Cognitive abuse: Do you find yourself in unwinnable arguments day after day, leading nowhere?
  • Physical abuse: Does your spouse routinely deliberately cause you physical pain or distress that is invisible as it leaves no marks?

With Mia on your side, you will realize that you have a reliable, understanding ally who can provide the counsel and representation in divorce that you have so badly needed.

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If you have suffered from invisible abuse by your spouse and now suspect that divorce is finally the only way forward, this decision can be a relief. A restraining order and other legal tools can help you move past the hardest part of the process, which, for many people, is simply getting started. It can be frightening to take the first steps, especially because abusers often ramp up abuse with a progression toward divorce.

Are you rightfully worried that your soon-to-be ex will come after you if you file for divorce or take other self-protective measures? Take to heart Mia’s answer to many intelligent, bewildered clients who have been the targets of invisible abuse: “Let me be your brave!” Start the conversation that you need to have with a caring, experienced attorney at this time by calling 646-665-3903 or sending an email message.