“Mia and her team provided excellent service during my divorce and while the divorce process was not easy she definitely made me feel like she truly cared about me and made sure my needs were met. She and her team were very responsive and handled everything with professionalism.”
–Leticia, August 2022

“Mia’s tenacity in advocating for myself, my child, and our rights was genuine and it showed in the diligence of her quick-witted intelligent work, unique perspective, and heart of gold. Mia & her team handled my Relocation & Custody case from a prior lawyer that was passive & absent.”
–J.C., August 2022

“Me and my husband highly recommend Mia Poppe. She did her job good and explained the law, and all possible scenarios – a lot of attention to the details. We had a case with the ex-marriage of my husband and the child support involved. We were in Court – we felt “protected” there because of all the details Mia took care of, she knows how to fight for YOU, and she is brilliant! Thank you, Mia!”
–Luliia, July 2022

“Mia and her team were extraordinarily thorough, patient, empathic, and good listeners. Mia and her knowledge of divorce law superseded my expectations. I thank you for studying the law and being able to put the pen to the paper with accuracy.”
–Cecilia, July 2020

“On two occasions, Ms. Poppe gave me excellent advice. I consulted her about my divorce agreement which was terminating upon my eldest child’s majority. Her suggestions were clear, concise, and authoritative. She turned what felt to me like a legal and emotional morass into something straightforward with compassion for all parties. Secondly, Ms. Poppe advised me when our family found itself thrust into the middle of a nasty custody battle between the parents of my child’s good friend. Once again, she untangled a Gordian knot and clarified legalities while bearing in mind what was best for everyone. Ms. Poppe’s toughness and compassion, informed by an intimate knowledge of the relevant law provided clarity in some muddy waters.”
–Peter, March 2019

“After the first consultation with Mia, I felt 100% better and more confident about my inter-state divorce. With child custody, finances, and a difficult (ex)spouse my stress was through the roof. Mia ensured me that we would work together and get through this trying time. Both Mia and her staff were helpful throughout the entire process. I would recommend her to anyone needing a supportive and efficient attorney.
–Rebecca, September 2015

“I interviewed over 15 lawyers before I met Mia. I went to the first consultation and immediately I knew that she was the one that should represent me in my divorce. My case turned from a simple one to a complicated one after my partner changed her mind over and over about our settlement agreement. Mia jumped in and took the lead on a case over 2 years old, and processed the divorce in less than 5 months. Her team is capable, professional, smart, and punctual. I fully recommend Mia and her firm.”
–Edgar, October 2015

“I don’t know what I would have done without Mia during this whole process. She guided me in the most professional and compassionate way. Mia was such a comforting presence to have from start to finish and her work was fast, efficient, and flawless. I can’t imagine what I would have done without her! She was highly recommended to me and certainly exceeded all expectations. I am so thankful to know that she always had my best interest in mind. Thank you!”
–Anna, January 2016

“Mia is fierce, I meet her during the consultation and knew right away I wanted her services. I didn’t look further. I hired her for what started as a response to remove a lift for a no-move order that was placed by my daughter’s father. We ended up working on relocation / that turned into a custody case and a separate child support case together. Working with Mia for 8 months was a great experience. I learned a lot from her and her staff. She corrected the judge a few times which favored my case, she never backed down when the judge was ” not being so nice or professional. She knew her facts, she knew where to aim those bombshells, and she knew how to deal with my daughter’s father’s attorney (all while being professional .) I referred her to a family member and will continue to refer her to others that need a great attorney.”
–Toria, September 2020

“The managing partner, Mia Poppe, is an intelligent and aggressive attorney who provides customized legal solutions for her clients in family law matters. I would recommend her to anyone with divorce, child support and custody, and international family law issues.”

“I am a male, who for over 20 years was unfairly held in financial servitude to the State of NY because of a divorce. I had on many occasions tried to rectify my situation with them to no avail. Have you ever tried to go up against the State of NY? Good luck! Well, fortunately by the grace of God, I found The Law Firm of Poppe & Associates. Mia Poppe, Esq, and her team were able to do what no other legal counsel was able to do for me in the past, give me my life back. It wasn’t easy but through much work, perseverance, and legal jousting, “We beat the State of NY” and got a monetary refund. Just when you think it’s over, that victory brought about another related legal crisis, in which The Law Firm of Poppe & Associates got dismissed in two courts; the Family and Supreme Courts. Another victory! I can’t say enough good things about my experience with this firm and its pleasant staff. If you’re a male with Family Court issues and feel like you’ve been getting the shaft, or are just in need of legal counsel that is a strong advocate for “Father’s Rights”, I highly recommend, Mia Poppe. You won’t go wrong!

“Mia was hired after consultation. Her representation of my divorce case was excellent. She was stern with her request and ensure follow-ups with the plaintiff’s attorney to get the required documents and ensure that the case was moving along with minimal delays.”
–Anonymous, October 2022