The 3 Things That Distinguish Me From My Competition

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Mia Poppe


I’m frequently asked, how do I distinguish myself from all the other great and qualified lawyers in the Manhattan market, and I generally default to three things. First, the Mia magic, second, my pricing and finally, my advocacy.

I’m Mia Poppe, the managing partner of The Law Firm of Poppe and Associates, a full service matrimonial firm located in Midtown Manhattan.

In regards to the Mia magic, there’s an expression that says, “How you do anything is how you do everything,” and at my core, I am a Leo. My strong tendency is towards fearlessness, loyalty, and nobility. I enter into all of my litigation and all of my settlement meetings in a very fearless manner. I’m also fiercely loyal to my client and if you look at the divorce landscape, loyalty to clients is sometimes compromised. I don’t do that. I am loyal to my client and when things get tense, when things get nasty, or is not as we would like them, my default is towards nobleness, right? I pride myself in my ability to maintain a cool head even when things get hot.

Secondly, in terms of how I distinguish myself is with my pricing. Matrimonial services in the Manhattan market are quite costly. I have purposely made the decision to not price myself out of the middle consumer. I’ve maintained an hourly rate that is approachable for many groups. It’s approachable for working class people, middle class people, affluent people, and of course, the uber affluent people, which we have many of in New York city, and that diverse client base is important. It’s what I use to make sure that my eyes are open, that I understand all types of people so that I can be a better advocate for all types of people.

The third distinguisher is my moniker, relentless advocacy. It’s not just a moniker. It’s not my sales pitch. I am a relentless advocate for my clients. I am a patient person. I am a solidly middle class woman in my mid 50s, and I have developed patience over my lifetime, so that patience allows me to be relentless in my advocacy for my clients.

That’s how I distinguish myself, the Mia magic, the pricing, and my relentless advocacy.