3 back-to-school points for newly divorced parents

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The back-to-school season can be stressful for any parent. For newly divorced parents, the challenges can seem even more daunting as they navigate new school routines and the intricacies of co-parenting. Having a solid plan to help you get through the back-to-school season may make it easier for you to help keep the stress on the children minimal. 

Despite the complexity, several strategies can help make the transition smoother for both parents and children. The terms of the child’s education, including which parent must make decisions regarding school, must be spelled out in the parenting plan.

Establish consistent routines

Consistency is key when children are adjusting to the changes brought on by divorce. Establish consistent routines between both households, particularly around school-related activities such as homework, study time and bedtime. Stability can give children a sense of security amid the changes they’re experiencing.

If it’s impossible to keep things consistent between both homes, find ways to help your children adjust to the changes between homes. Preparing the children for transition days and reminding them of the important rules at your home when they arrive may be beneficial, especially for younger children. 

Communicate effectively with your ex-spouse

While it may not always be easy, effective communication with your ex-spouse is crucial for successful parenting after your divorce. Keep each other informed about school activities, parent-teacher meetings, homework assignments and any issues that arise. 

Consider using digital tools or shared calendars to keep track of important dates and information. You may find that as your children get older, there aren’t as many things you have to keep track of in these shared spaces. 

Involve your child’s school

Inform your child’s school about the change in your family situation. Teachers, counselors and administrators can provide additional support and understanding if they know the circumstances. They can also help facilitate communication between the school and both parents, ensuring that both adults are equally informed and involved.

Always include information about decision-making for education in the parenting plan. Other important points about education should also be included in this plan so both parents understand exactly what they’re responsible for and how things related to school will be handled. 

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