3 reasons a work spouse could be a threat to your marriage

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Given that a lot of people spend the vast majority of their time at work, it’s only natural for them to develop friendships with some of their peers. However, some of those friendships become a little too intimate – and boundaries can end up being crossed.

When someone has a “work spouse,” or a close relationship with a co-worker that mimics the kind of emotional support and mental connection that’s usually found between married couples. While these relationships start out platonic, they can eventually turn romantic – which can lead one or both parties down the path to divorce. 

Here’s why you should be concerned about the situation if your spouse has a work husband or work wife:

1. The emotional intimacy can become intense

One of the primary reasons that a work spouse can be a threat to your marriage is that the co-workers involved tend to develop deep emotional intimacy of their own. 

When your spouse begins to share their deepest thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams with a co-worker instead of you, you may start to be replaced by the co-worker as the person that they rely on to fulfill their emotional needs. For example, studies have shown that men are more truthful with their work wives than their actual spouses, and people naturally get closest to the people who know them the best. 

2. The physical and emotional connection can turn sexual

When two people spend a tremendous amount of time with each other and forge some deep personal bonds, it’s not unusual for the situation to turn sexual. 

When The Society for Human Resource Management did a survey, over half of the people who admitted to having a work spouse also admitted they’d developed romantic feelings for them. Even if it’s just “a few stolen kisses” instead of a full-blown affair, that kind of cheating can be devastating to your marriage.

3. Your spouse may start to fantasize about a different life

What happens when your spouse starts to compare you and your life together to the relative ease of their relationship with their work spouse and you come up short? It happens a lot because the work spouse is idealized – and real marriages take work. 

Unfortunately, once your spouse starts to believe that they might have a better life with someone else, their commitment to you and your marriage may waiver.

Whatever the situation that has led you to consider divorce, it’s always easier to make informed decisions when you have experienced legal guidance.

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