Five Collateral Benefits Of Divorce

by | Jul 16, 2017 | Divorce

Your divorce is not necessarily the end, it could be your beginning.

Personal Note:

Prefacing this post with, divorce is not easy. I have chosen to work in this profession for many reasons and of the thousands of divorces I have represented, many if not the majority of my clients move on even better than before. No matter where you are in the divorce cycle, if you’re just beginning or it has been dragged out in the court system, your life will move on for the better.  Below are a few anecdotal benefits I have witnessed both from my divorce and of my clients. Keep your head up, it will get better!

Five Collateral Benefits of Divorce

Recently, during a cardio kickboxing class, I noticed that I can actually land a mean uppercut, followed by a quick, and powerful hook.  While in pursuit of a stronger, and more efficient cardiovascular system, I received the collateral benefit of developing real punching skills.  Divorce too, has collateral benefits.

While I am a divorce practitioner, I am not “pro divorce”.  I believe in marriage, and as a mother of eight, I certainly believe in family. As a New York City divorce attorney, I receive the collateral benefit of seeing that circumstances that came to destroy my clients’ lives, like divorce, can and often are the stairway to their new and improved life.  Despite the difficulty of divorce, more often than not, my former clients contact me to provide updates on the collateral benefits of having gone through a divorce. My clients’ cite many collateral benefits achieved in the aftermath of their divorce, following are five (5) benefits often cited by my clients:

  • Free to be me
  • New and fulfilling romantic relationship
  • Feeling years younger
  • Enjoying parenthood
  • New physique, and new wardrobe
  • If your marriage was going poorly for a while, divorce allows you to not only leave behind your partner but leave behind your old self: the person that was unhappy, who fought, didn’t feel put together, etc. Being single again opens you up to new experiences, and you might find that it helps you with all sorts of things you didn’t see as directly related to the divorce, like putting together a new wardrobe.

    Divorces can be long, tough, and draining, but once they’re over, you may as well reap the collateral benefits of a divorce: a new you.