5 things not to do during a divorce

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Navigating divorce is a difficult and stressful journey. There are a number of things that can help make the process less painful. There are also a few things that you might do that make divorce even harder.

Here are five things that can cause unnecessary grief during grief:

1. Hiding assets

Many people hide assets because they believe they have a right to those assets, especially if it’s a large sum of money or valuable property. Hiding assets will usually lead to legal trouble and penalties, such as fines and jail time — and you could end up losing everything you attempted to hide from your spouse.

2. Alienating your children from their other parent

Parents may be tempted to remove themselves and their children from the other parent during a divorce. However, if domestic abuse is not part of the divorce, you may be creating legal issues for yourself with the court when negotiating child custody rights. The court always rules in favor of what is best for the child. It expects both parents to foster a healthy parent-child dynamic with the other. Refusing to do so can negatively affect your custody bid.

3. Failing to communicate with your spouse

One action that tends to lead to a lot of issues happens when a spouse discontinues contact with the other spouse. There’s often a lot of communication that needs to be done, and when a divorcing spouse fails to communicate, it can complicate the divorce process and make it more challenging to reach agreements and move forward. If the divorce is contentious, communication can go through a third party, such as divorce attorneys or a mediator.

4. Starting a new relationship

There’s no question that divorce is mentally and emotionally taxing. Many people need emotional support during a divorce. They may seek to fulfill this need by starting a new relationship. However, a spouse may be upset that the other is in a new relationship before the divorce is finalized and claim the divorce was due to adultery, which can lead to other legal issues. It is advised to enter into any new relationships with careful consideration.

5. Forget to learn your legal options

You need to understand your legal rights during a divorce. Attempting to divorce without qualified legal guidance may result in an unfavorable outcome, including the loss of assets and modified child custody rights. An attorney knows the intricate ins and outs of the divorce process, so lean into an attorney you trust.

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