A look at divorce statistics among same-sex couples

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It’s been well over a decade since New York State began allowing same-sex couples to marry in 2011, and about eight years since the U.S. Supreme Court made marriage open to all, regardless of sex. While not nearly as long a period as opposite-sex couples have enjoyed the right to marry in this country, it is still long enough that the novelty has worn off. It is no longer a newsworthy event when a same-sex couple gets married in New York City.

The same is true when that same couple gets divorced a few years later. Same-sex couples are about as susceptible to divorce as opposite-sex couples — though they may actually divorce a bit more rarely.

How often do same-sex couples get divorced?

A 2014 study from UCLA School of Law examined divorce statistics from New Hampshire and Vermont based on the gender makeup of the couples. The study found that an average of 1.1 percent of same-sex couples in those two New England states ended their marriage each year. To compare, the national annual divorce rate for opposite-sex couples is about 2 percent.

However, this may provide a misleading picture of divorce within the LGBTQ+ community. Data about same-sex marriages in Denmark shows that female couples make up 80 percent of same-sex divorce filings in that country but just 60 percent of same-sex marriages. This could be due to the fact that women tend to initiate divorce generally; a couple made up of two women would thus be more likely to end up splitting compared with an all-male marriage.

More than a number

Of course, you are an individual, not a statistic. If you are getting divorced, you need legal assistance from a divorce lawyer who understands the issues unique to same-sex divorce.

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