How New York’s child support calculator works

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While you and your ex agree that your children will continue to need financial support from both parents after your divorce is final, the two of you could have very different ideas about how much that support needs to be. Fortunately, New York State law provides guidance on how much child support should be paid based on the individual factors of everyone involved.

Online child support calculator

Based on the Child Support Standards Act, child support calculators like this one give you a reasonable estimate of what a judge is likely to order a noncustodial parent to pay. It considers factors like:

  • Each parent’s gross income based on their most recent tax returns.
  • Investment income not included in the above.
  • Other forms of income that are not taxed, such as pensions, retirement benefits, disability benefits and veterans benefits.
  • Self-employment deductions.
  • Deductions from income, including alimony, child support the payor is already paying for another child from another relationship and certain taxes.
  • The number of children involved.

Each parent’s income up to $163,000 is considered, then multiplied by a percentage based on the number of children the parents have together. For one child, the income is multiplied by 17 percent; for two, the percentage is 25 percent; and so on. Then each parent’s child support responsibility is calculated.

Reaching an acceptable support amount

Like most family law matters, child support can be negotiated and settled out of court as long as the judge approves it. Every child is different and has their own educational, medical, social and developmental needs. You and your ex know your children better than anybody. With your attorney’s assistance, it is often possible to settle on a reasonable and sustainable level of support with a minimum of rancor and delay.

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